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#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.6.3 released with following changes :

- Added new offerwall Daily Survey Wall
- Fixed issue of activity bonus daily rewards limit not reseting correctly
- Updated ip2nation database in installer to latest version
- Updated few parts in script core to enhance offerwalls crediting
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.6.2 released with following changes :

- Added earn page manager, member earn page display and options now fully controlled via the admin panel
- Added option in admin panel to choose wether members area link will open in same tab or new tab
- Fixed issue in surf rewards game
- Fixed problem in faucethub payouts in admin panel
- Fixed display in account preferences based on settings (FaucetHub and Forum)
- Few internal codes enhancements
- Updated floating news code to be more enhanced and better positioned on all default templates
- Updated email ad manager in admin panel
- Updated popup ad manager in admin panel
- Updated admin checklist and admin homepage menu for new ad managers, removed old activation pages
   First I'd like to thank all our clients for choosing our script and providing us with their invaluable feedback over the past few months which has allowed us to finalize and release the next big thing for Aurora Coderz scripts, Deluxe 2.6 release.

   Unlike any other PTC/GPT script in market this release holds the best features you would get including:

  • Self Installation is now available! Download immediately in our portal after purchase. Current owners will need to request their license upgrade prior to seeing the download in their account.

  • Built in offerwall system which makes it the most comprehensive GPT script in market, including PTC Wall & ClixWall & Minute Staff & Coin Wall & AdscendMedia & Super Rewards & Wannads & OfferToro & Persona.ly & Kiwiwall & OfferDaddy & Ad Click Wall. Admin options allow you to credit users instantly, or place earnings in pending balance or points with strong postback security and full records.

  • Multiple payment options, Including PayPal, Skrill, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, Paxum, AdvCash, Payeer, GoUrl.io (Bitcoin\Altcoins) , CoinPayments (Bitcoin\Altcoins), PayBear.io (Bitcoin\Altcoins).

  • Supporting multiple currencies including USD, Euro, British Pounds plus the standard crypto currencies including Bitcoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DogeCoins.

  • Integrated faucethub payouts system which allows you to add faucethub as payout option in your site so your members can cashout to it.

  • Multiple earning platforms for members including, paid to click, paid to read, paid emails, paid to signup, paid to promote, praffic exchange, surf rewards, guessing game and lottery.

  • Many built in automated contests and bonuses including click contest, purchase contest, referral contest, offerwall contest, ticket contest, login bonuses and activity bonuses.

  • Better cashout control than ever with new cashout limitations which may be set by membership level as well as cashout requirements and country purchase verification options.

  • New PTP options allow you to set each country to a tier of your choice and define earnings per tier level visit.

  • New daily cron report emailed directly to the admin email address including daily stats and pending admin actions (pending cashouts, ads requiring approval etc.).

  • New default template, Deluxe now comes with 4 default templates.

  • Default templates have all been updated to show links according to admin preference and whether or not the item (such as PTC section) is enabled in admin.

   For full list of functions and features please visit here https://auroracoderz.com/deluxe.php

Introduction Special - Upgrade your website from any other outdated AuroraGPT script and recieve a 50% discount now through the end of July!

     1 Month (all updates) - $5
     3 Months (all updates) - $12
     1 Year (6 months updates) - $50
     Lifetime (6 months updates) - $150

   Are you a current owner of a Deluxe scripted website?   
   Upgrading from AC Deluxe v1.x is $2.50 per month.
   Upgrading from AC Deluxe v2.x - v2.4 is free with 3 months updates included.
   Upgrading from AC Deluxe v2.5 or Bitcoin Optimized is free with 6 months updates included.

#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.5.2 released with following changes
- Added offerwalls to tickets contest
- Updated persona.ly postback
- Fixed issue in pending requests that caused error when arranging requests by request date
- Fixed issue in purchase membership page showing $ instead correct currency when site currency is set to crypto
- Fixed issue in purchase balance not loading correctly when site currency is set to crypto
- Fixed issue in purchase balance not showing when site currency is set to crypto
- Fixed issue in memberships page not showing correct ptp value when site currency is set to crypto
- Fixed issues in clixgrid when site currency is set to crypto
- Fixed issue in clixgrid ads purchase when site currency is set to crypto
- Fixed issue in withdraw page not displaying minimum cashout or withdraw fee correctly when site currency is set to crypto
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.5.1 released with following changes
- Updated payza checkout link to reflect the new changes with payza system on the .eu domain
Aurora Coderz Releases Change Log / Re: Aurora Coderz Deluxe v2.0
Last post by AuroraCoderz - February 23, 2018, 08:45:49 am
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.5 released with following changes
- Added full support for crypto currencies
- Added BTC & BCH & ETH & LTC & DOGE as options for defaut currencies
- Added live exchange rates from usd to active crypto currency
- Added PTP with advanced tiering system and cheat protection with separate ptp crediting system
- Added timer start after ad fully loads for ptc ads with option to enable or disable from admin panel
- Added forced ad view mode with option to enable or disable from admin panel
- Added coinhive captcha
- Added 3 new offerwalls systems persona.ly & kiwiwall & offerdaddy
- Added new method to detect users countries
- Added option to enable or disable site forum
- Added PHP security updates
- Fixed issue with in site messaging not displaying spaces correctly
- Fixed all reported issues in forum
Announcements / Updates regarding our recent d...
Last post by AuroraCoderz - January 10, 2018, 02:20:28 am
Dear Clients

We would like to update you about our recent downtime issues, The details are provided below

1- On 25th december 2017 ( christmas day ) our servers faced a ddos attack targetting our main license portal that caused excessive database load at at end server crash
2- The server crash happended at critical time of server sheduled backup, The caused database engine to go down and in result databases on site and on backups became corrupted
3- We worked with datacenter between the 25th and the 30th of december to try recovering data but the problem was deemded unsolvable by datacenter engineers and we were offered choice to recover data from older backups between 5th and 10th of december
4- As this would have been a major data loss for our clients we decided to go the hard way and work on recovering databases manually
5- This process included analysing, rebuilding and restoring databases completely to its exact state on the 25th of december
6- The process took 7 days to finalize as it included over 100 sites
7- We took more steps to prevent such thing from happening again including improving our ddos protection on servers and moving sites to a more powerful server that would be less affected by attacks if happended as it has the capacity to handle much more requests
8- No data loss or breach happended all info on server remained safe
9- If you noticed any problem on your sites just open a ticket with the details in auroracoderz.com and we will check it for you

On portal licensing side, Some of you who owns aurora coderz scripts might have noticed licensing issues while we were working on server, We want to update you that such issues will not happen again

Finally your access to sites cpanel will be restored in 24 hours and you will be getting the next month of your service for free as a compensation for such problems

Thanks for your understanding

Kind regards
Aurora Coderz Team
Aurora Coderz Releases Change Log / Re: Aurora Coderz Deluxe v2.0
Last post by AuroraCoderz - December 08, 2017, 02:24:10 pm
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.12 released with following changes

- Fixed issue in posting links and banners in forum
- Fixed error in purchased referrals not assigned correctly
- Fixed dynamic banner stats not displaying correctly on some sites
- Fixed issue when trying to edit ptp allowed list not editing correct domain
- Updated cheat check page code
Announcements / AuroraCoderz Black Friday Deal...
Last post by AuroraCoderz - November 24, 2017, 01:22:09 am
AuroraCoderz Black Friday deals are up, From now till 30th of november, You can purchase our scripts with 50% discount , Just use coupon code BlAcKfRiDaY on check out page and the discount will be instantly applied to your order
Happy november
Aurora Coderz Releases Change Log / Re: Aurora Coderz Deluxe v2.0
Last post by AuroraCoderz - November 08, 2017, 06:18:14 pm
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.11 released with following changes

- Added Adscend Media new ip to the postback file allowed ips list
- Updated codes in store related files
- Fixed issue causing all domains in ptp allowed list to be deleted once a domain when deleting one domain
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