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# Updated to v2.0.10 as base core
Aurora Coderz Releases Change Log / Re: Aurora Coderz Deluxe v2.0
Last post by AuroraCoderz - October 21, 2017, 12:19:24 AM
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.10 released with following changes

- Added more stats to current upgrade benefits on memberships page
- Added more stats to members manager in admin panel
- Fixed issue in ptsu approved earnings not updating ptsu earnings records
- Fixed issue in referral earnings not updating referral earnings today records
- Fixed issue in count direct referrals tool crashing on sites with over 1000 members
Aurora Coderz Releases Change Log / Re: Aurora Coderz Deluxe v2.0
Last post by AuroraCoderz - October 13, 2017, 01:49:20 AM
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.9 released with following changes

- Added few security updates
- Fixed login link in grid not carrying the url variables on clixgrid page
- Fixed issue in edit page when trying to editing a new page from admin panel
- Fixed issue in edit link in admin not carrying url variables
- Fixed issue in gourl api
- Fixed issue in featured link pricing when selecting highlight color and/or marquee
Username: admin
Password: admin

Lifetime license: $75

Script Features
AC Deluxe v2 includes all features of previous script releases plus the following:

#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2 Bitcoin Optimized ( Based on V2.0.10 )
- Script fully modified to accept and set bitcoin as the only site currency for purchases and payouts, Multiple changes done for that
- Blockchain bitcoin payment processor added
- Converter exchange for usd cash balance to btc
- Offerwalls earnings are set in separate cash balance
Aurora Coderz Releases Change Log / Re: Aurora Coderz Deluxe v2.0
Last post by AuroraCoderz - September 10, 2017, 11:44:40 PM
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.8 released with following fixes

- Added setting to check the ip on servers using nginx with cloudflare to fix double ips issue
- Fixed issue in referrals earnings not crediting correctly
- Updated bitcoin payment processor guides links in admin panel under each processor
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.7 released with following fixes

- Fixed forum paid to post feature not crediting correctly
- fixed special characters not showing correctly in forum
- All url and links placed in forum are now clickable and linking to outside site in new tab by default
#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.6 released with following fixes :

- Fixed errors in ptp allow list
- Fixed errors in blocklist
- AuroraCoderz Deluxe V2.0.5 released with following fixes :

- PTCWall postback ips updated
- Fixed issue in click exchange xstages notifications
- Fixed issue in ptsu ads add credits
- Fixed issue in click and ticket contests not resetting correctly
# Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.1
- Added completed offers count logs in offerwalls postbacks
- Added bitcoin as a currency
- Fixed some errors in products file
- Fixed cron logs error and added option to run offerwalls cron from admin panel
- Adjusted prices and support for balances to include bitcoin values
- Fixed some errors in the forum

# Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.2
- Bugs fixes and security updates

# Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.3
- Fixed issue with surf rewards when no prizes
- Database updated to resolve missing field issue

#Aurora Coderz Deluxe V2.0.4
- Fixed issue in upline earnings causing page not to load on some servers
- Fixed issue in users credits on large purchases
- Optimized crons to decrease server load
- Fixed issue in traffic exchange daily clicks not resetting correctly
Announcements / Aurora Coderz Now Accept Multi...
Last post by AuroraCoderz - May 01, 2017, 11:42:44 PM
- At we try to provide our clients with all options to make things easier for them and today we added new payment options for that

- Effective now all our products including :

1- PTC Scripts
2- Designs
3- Hosting

Can be purchased via any of the following methods :

> Paypal
> Payza
> PerfectMoney
> OKPay
> Bitcoin / Litecoin / Dash / Ethereum ( Basically all major altcoin )

- For list of products or orders , Please visit :
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