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Started by Reba, April 07, 2020, 09:00:45 PM

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QuoteThis tool allows you to keep specific URLS from being credited with advertising credits. For example, if someone keeps making fraud payments from different accounts promoting, you can block out You can also block out or ref=user and it will work. Be aware, if you block, then ALL ads that contain will be blocked. Any credits that are attempted to be added to a blocked ad will be deleted and lost! A 'Link is blocked error' will be returned to any user trying to create a new ad that is blocked

In Site Functions > Blocking > Ad Blocker you will find this tool which allows you to block ads for certain sites or with certain ref links from being created on your site.

If ads from the site you are blocking already exist in your site it is recommended you remove them first or else a member will lose credits when trying to add credits to a blocked ad.

The process is simple, just add the site name in the first box to block an ad.

To remove the ad from the blocked list select it in the box below and click the Unblock Ad button.