Revenue Shares (Paid Addon)

Started by Reba, March 17, 2020, 03:21:46 AM

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Revenue shares is a paid addon, the cost is $50 and is a lifetime key based addon.

Share Settings

Enable Selling Shares - this will define if revenue shares are turned on or off in your site.
Share Basic Price - this is the price per share, so if a member orders 10 shares and this price is set to $1 the members final bill will be $10 + any buy fees you have set.
Share Basic Earnings - this is how much each member will earn per share when shares are credited.
Shares Crediting Balance - this is the balance share earnings will credit to.
Shares Crediting Duration - this is how often shares will credit earnings to users.
Share Expires After - this is how long the shares stay in the member account. Shares cannot be purchased by the member again until shares they already hold have expired.
Total Shares Available Per User - this is the maximum number of shares a member may purchase and hold at a time.
Shares Earning Restrictions - this defines how often a member must click to earn from their shares or can be set to none so that members may earn regardless of whether or not they click.

How Shares Work
First and foremost at no time can PayPal be used to purchase shares on your website. This is not an error, it was done to protect clients as PayPal absolutely does not allow rev share.

When members buy shares they are locked in to their held shares until they have expired, they cannot buy additional shares during this period.

The revenue share cron found in Site Functions > Cron Jobs must be set up for share holders to be credited properly.


Really I don't know how get profits, I suposse it's easy but I don't get know the form that's good for users and good for me. Or maybe I'm in error...

If user invest in revenues 5€ or 10€ or etc... he will want get minimum the invested value, or more...

Sorry for the doubt.


I 100% agree with your doubt :-O if Ayman would agree I would charge $500 for this addon instead of $50 so no one would buy it, let me explain my opinion...

Mostly admin at all revshare sites hope the user fails to click the required clicks thus earning less than he might have otherwise. Yep, admin sell a product with the hope that a buyer of said product fails. It is a flawed system which is why you see revshare sites pop up and disappear faster than any other sites.

People will disagree with me but no one can tell me where the 20% comes from on the 120% return...
"I'll sell ads" - yeah, and those sold ads are paid ads to your members... so you're going to sell ads to Jack and Sally at a 50% markup while Joe and Jane buy 100x shares at 120%... yeah, ok, try again.
"I'll invest in blah blah blah site" - uhhuh, right, and when that site goes down?
"Forex trading, if I just had the startup capital..." -  =)) your members are so screwed in six months

In my opinion you cannot get profits and be honest to share holders, you cannot possibly predict what your earnings from the site will be in any given month so how can you sell revenue shares when you do not know what your revenue will be?

:-bd don't give up your doubt or your reasoning ability. I saw a site that said $13k was deposited via PayPal, big oops on admin's part, you can only transfer a max of $10k via PayPal so that told me his entire front page was probably fake and he's made $10 so far lol if even half of the rev share sites numbers out there were real we would see the government getting involved.


Thank you for your opinion.

I think I don't touch it for now... I think it's a system complicated. But is good we can have it for admins that they know use it correctly.