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Started by Reba, April 07, 2020, 09:16:43 PM

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In Site Functions > Manage Terms you will find the page shown above, here you will add and edit your terms of service.

Terms Section Title (blue arrow above) - this must be filled in, it will show to the public as the title of the section for this term.
Terms Section Icon (red arrow above) - this section is optional, if you wish to use it click the flag icon to the right (red box in first image) and choose your icon from the fontawesome website. Type the icon name exactly as you see it (in English) on the fontawesome website... so if it says fighter-jet type in fighter-jet, do not add the fa classes, the script generates those automatically.
Terms section text (green box above) - this is the terms section text exactly as visitors will see it.
Order Number - This defines the order of all terms articles added. The lower the number the higher it will show on the visitors terms page.


After you have finished adding your terms you will see a list like the one above. The orange edit button will take you to the following page where you may edit the term article:

The red trash icon button will open the following dialog for you to confirm deletion:

If you click the Confirm Delete button the article will be deleted permanently with no way to recover it.