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Path: Admin / Site Functions / Manage Terms Link: index.php?view=terms&

New Website

Terms section title This must be filled in and will display to all visitors as the title of the term item.
Terms section iconTo enable an icon immediately before the terms section title, copy the icon name exactly from the Font Awesome website, do not add fa classes Leave this section blank to disable icon.
Terms section textWYSIWYG editor included, do not use HTML tags in this section.
Order numberThis will define the order of the terms as printed for visitors to the terms page.

Upgraded Website

As long as your previous script allowed you to edit your terms in your admin panel you will not lose your terms upon upgrading. However, you will need to now edit each term item and remove any HTML you have added when originally creating your terms as the tags will now be printed as text due to the WYSIWYG editor introduced in Deluxe 2.0.

If you are upgrading from a version that required you to manually edit the terms page directly you will need to create your terms in admin now to take advantage of the terms manager.

Privacy Policy

Path: Admin / Communication / Privacy Policy Link: index.php?view=privacy_policy&

While it seems boring and users rarely read the privacy policy page it is vital for a websites SEO and so we have provided you a way to manage it with ease via your admin panel.

About Us

Path: Admin / Communication / Manage About Us Link: index.php?view=about&

About Us pages

News and Announcements

Path: Admin / Communication / Manage News Link: index.php?view=news&


Path: Admin / Communication / Manage FAQs Link: index.php?view=help&

Create a Page

Path: Admin / Communication / Create A Page