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Idea Behind Feature

Surf rewards allow you to quickly and easily reward your members for surfing in your click exchange with the goal of keeping members active in this section. Find the main page via Admin -> Manage Ads -> Click Exchange -> Surf Rewards

Reward settings

Enable surf rewards This will turn surf rewards on/off.
Prize page frequency This defines how often the prize page will show up for members in percent. So if it is set to 10 percent 1 out of every 10 pages may give members a chance to win.
Button images These settings allow for customized images on the surfer rewards page. Use a file path for locally hosted images or the full image URL.

Create Prizes

Creating prizes is essential to the functioning of the surf rewards feature, no field should be left blank when creating rewards.
Title The title of each prize is visible to members upon claiming of a prize.
Number available This is the total number of this exact prize available to members, once this number has been claimed the prize will become inactive until you allow for additional claims by editing the prize.
Daily limit This will limit the total number of times this exact prize may be claimed by members daily and will reset during the daily cron.
Available to Decide whether this prize is for upgraded members only or for all members. Upgraded members may receive a prize set for all members, standard members cannot receive a prize set for upgraded only members.
The remaining fields optionally define prize amounts and should be set to 0 when not giving a particular balance or credit type with the prize. To give a prize of nothing set all fields to 0.

*Pro Tips

Suggestions made here are merely that - suggestions - run your website as you see fit.
- Theme your prize names, members like to see that admin has put a little thought behind their website.