AuroraCoderz Deluxe Release Change Log

Started by AuroraCoderz, April 25, 2016, 07:53:53 PM

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Username: admin
Password: admin

Lifetime license: $60

Script Features
AC Deluxe includes all features of AC Basic plus the following

- Bitcoin integration including withdraw option and setting to show dollar to bitcoin amount in pending requests.
- Solid Trust Pay integration.
- Free signup bonus membership option (admin > members > member settings).
- Cash and point referrer bonuses (admin > members > member settings).
- Cash and point sign up bonuses (admin > members > member settings).
- Buy one get X free option - member side notifications included on the following pages: prices, memberships, specials, profile, news, earn and on the grid to free members.
- Optional free members commissions (purchase bonus).
- Optional account fund commissions.
- Google reCaptcha integrated in join page, login page, contact page and cheat check page.
- Option to reduce member balance with each cheat check fail.
- Referral recycling for purchased and admin assigned referrals. Members have the ability to cancel pending recycle requests.
- Integrated forum including bbcodes, smilies and paid per post options (found in member settings).
- ClixGrid included with daily prize limit (in total), win percent set per prize, optional price per timeframe, definable number of background images.
- Hourly limits now optional and added to ptc, ptra, click exchange, banners, featured banners, and featured ads.
- Ability to turn off an individuals ability to cashout via the edit user page or turn off multiple accounts at once using the member manager page.
- Ability to turn off upgrade purchases via account funds for upgrade to be paid type sites (admin > selling > payment options).
- Click image selector which allows owners to maintain multiple sets of click images on their sites (admin > site functions > settings > site settings).
- Options in admin emailer to allow admin to select who they are emailing.
- In site messaging and message log purge options for database upkeep.
- Ability to manage and edit terms from admin panel (admin > site functions > manage terms).
- Ability to create user from admin panel (admin > members > member tools > create user).
- Suspend inactives page added (admin > members > member tools > suspend inactives).
- Admin checklist with total admin count displayed.
- PIN system fully integrated.
- Contest history page created.
- Random payout feature which allows you to create payment requests for any member that has opted in by filling in their details.
- All earnings recorded and displayed in edit user > overview for each member.
- Ability to choose and name ad highlight options.
- Member manager rebuilt, use settings page to define what columns of member data you see.
- Ad highlighting now available for PTC, PTRA, PTSU at member set up.
- Ad subtitles now available for PTC, PTRA, PTSU at member set up.
- Optional referral notifications with member opt out, including commission notifications.
- Warnings system added.
- Setting added to define whether or not a member may delete their own account in member settings.
- Member country pages added to admin and members sides.
- Member country information added to payouts, ability to edit old payouts to add country data or define a reason you canceled the request via admin > payouts > payment history.
- Hall of shame page showing banned members, their last detected country and the reason for suspension.
- Ability to restrict members access to each contest type via edit user.
- Ability to delete admin menu item from the admin panel.
- Ability to add ref links and banners to PTP allowed domains + PTP allowed domains output included.
- Choice to display values next to benefits in specials (admin > selling > specials > manage).
- Profile menu has become the account menu and has been moved to includes/functions2.php, styling can be found in css/member_menu.css. Icon color changes should be made in the css while the icons themselves are generated using FontAwesome and must be updated in functions2.php.
- Country fix (admin > members > member tools > country fix).
- Login redirect selections added - custom option remains.
- Lottery with updated admin features (admin > site functions > lottery).
- Template selector (admin > site functions > settings > site settings).
- MySQL has been updated to MySQLi.
- Licensing system updated entirely - licenses are maintained in directly and sites no longer give errors when failing to connect with
- Referral contest can now have up to 3 winners.
- Three new templates added, all old aurora templates replaced.
- Purchase contest now has a minimum spend amount plus the option to allow account fund purchases in the contest.
- Site news updated to include ability to mark an article as published or hidden, a confirmation to the delete link presented to admin, and to distinguish between publish date and last edit date.
- Earn page rebuilt.
- FAQ page restyled.
- All ad pages rebuilt and now include the purge directly in each ad types manager page.
- Admin menu listing updated for better usability.
- Referral builder now has option to add banner.
- Timer bar css has been moved to root/css/surf_bar.css and should no longer be included in templates.
- Purge options added to footprints, site logs, error logs.
- Added a column to count daily views in featured link ads.
- Automatic payment requests have been removed.
- Mass pay output bug which caused old payouts to update date paid along with new payouts fix is now an option in admin > payouts > settings.
- Membership bug causing time to update incorrectly.
- Commissions (purchase bonuses) now properly update daily earning stats.
- Update email page.
- Member groups.
- Added page to allow members to read their sent messages without getting an error.
- User ID number now starts at 1 for new installations.
- Specials now record the number of successful purchases of each special.
- Banner in surf bar now shows the code rotator as well when it is turned on.
Encrypted Pages
includes/funtions.php - includes/globals.php - backupDB.php

Server Requirements
- PHP 5.4 or higher (PHP 5.6 compatible)
- As of AC Deluxe v2.6+ you must be running PHP 5.6 or higher
- MySQL 5.5 or higher
- Ioncube extension loader
- Cron jobs

- Installation is both provided free and required, you will not be given the installation file.
- You must have a hosted domain for this script to be installed.

- Broke it and don't know what to do next? Managed to delete your database before you even launched? Bad hosting experience and need to reinstall on a new server? Whatever happened we'll reinstall a clean copy for $5

- License is lifetime and is based on domain, not owner, this means we don't care if you sell your site, the domain will still have a valid key. The purchaser will need their own account in in order to maintain the domain's key.

- If an update is released due to errors or bugs found the updated pages will be free for all owners of the affected version.

- Future feature updates will cost no less than $5 and up to the price difference between your version and the new version. If we need to save any customizations / addons between the two script versions for your particular website there will be a fee of no less than $2.50 and up to $50 per addon depending on the work required, you will be quoted the total fee amount after you provide a list of the addons to be saved.

Support From Us
- If you find a bug we are responsible for we'll be happy to fix it. Bug fixes in unchanged pages are absolutely free, however if the bug is a result of a badly coded addon we may either send you back to the person that installed the addon, charge to fix it, or simply offer you the clean page for free.

- Support forum and script portal links directly in your admin panel. After registering at the forum please open a support ticket with the name of your AuroraCoderz scripted website as well as your username you signed up to the forum with in order to be granted access, the support forum is for AuroraCoderz brand script owners only.

- Paid support is available for customization, price will vary depending on your requests.

Site Upgrades
Any Aurora based website can be upgraded to AuroraCoderz Deluxe. To save your template we charge no less than $10 and up to $50 depending on the work required. To save your old addons we charge no less than $5 and up to $50 per addon depending on the work required. You will be quoted the total fee amount after you provide a list of the addons and/or templates to be saved.

Note to Developers
While Aurora based addons will function with this script please note the differences in SQL - AC Deluxe has been written in MySQLi, your addons may need to be updated prior to installation for proper functioning. Old aurora templates will not properly function with AuroraCoderz Deluxe, see default templates included for coding and css examples.


# Aurora Coderz Deluxe V1.0.1
- Fixed a bug affecting some links in admin menu
- Fixed issue with script licensing system
- Fixed issue causing contact page not to work if captcha is not enabled


# Aurora Coderz Deluxe V1.0.2
- Updated withdraw method options edit to display wallet option properly
- Updated ads page so you can sort by outside views and status properly
- Added denied message in popup ads edit in admin
- Delete paid to read ads logs updated
- Convertor issues fixed .
- Click timer fixed to account for installs in subdirectories
- Fixed URL in forms in activate links in admin
- Fixed several issues in contests cron
- Fixed misplaced div break in allowed.php and added clear div in case admin floats the allowed div later
- Admin homepage menu link fixed
- Fixed ptp allowed link issue in admin panel
- Added update checker in admin panel
- Fixed some issues in grid
- Added bitcoin integration guide in payment options
- Fixed a bug in referrals purchase