Updates regarding our recent downtime

Started by AuroraCoderz, January 10, 2018, 02:20:28 AM

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Dear Clients

We would like to update you about our recent downtime issues, The details are provided below

1- On 25th december 2017 ( christmas day ) our servers faced a ddos attack targetting our main license portal that caused excessive database load at at end server crash
2- The server crash happended at critical time of server sheduled backup, The caused database engine to go down and in result databases on site and on backups became corrupted
3- We worked with datacenter between the 25th and the 30th of december to try recovering data but the problem was deemded unsolvable by datacenter engineers and we were offered choice to recover data from older backups between 5th and 10th of december
4- As this would have been a major data loss for our clients we decided to go the hard way and work on recovering databases manually
5- This process included analysing, rebuilding and restoring databases completely to its exact state on the 25th of december
6- The process took 7 days to finalize as it included over 100 sites
7- We took more steps to prevent such thing from happening again including improving our ddos protection on servers and moving sites to a more powerful server that would be less affected by attacks if happended as it has the capacity to handle much more requests
8- No data loss or breach happended all info on server remained safe
9- If you noticed any problem on your sites just open a ticket with the details in auroracoderz.com and we will check it for you

On portal licensing side, Some of you who owns aurora coderz scripts might have noticed licensing issues while we were working on server, We want to update you that such issues will not happen again

Finally your access to sites cpanel will be restored in 24 hours and you will be getting the next month of your service for free as a compensation for such problems

Thanks for your understanding

Kind regards
Aurora Coderz Team