Aurora Coderz Release Basic Change Log

Started by AuroraCoderz, September 02, 2014, 08:03:38 AM

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Aurora Coderz Basic Update 2 - February 24th, 2016
- Emailer updated so it would be sending from same page directly instead using cron
- Members groups fixed so now it can be added , edited or deleted from admin panel
- Fixed all reported bugs in previous release

Aurora Coderz Basic Update 1 - March 20, 2015
- Major security updates added to fix all insecure parts
- New captcha added to make it harder for bots to access the site
- New payment methods included perfect money and okpay
- Code optimization to decrease resources usage of the script
- Option to block hack ip addresses of hack attempts
- Script database backup method fixed
- Added option to check if user paypal is verified and also ip check in pending requests
- Added option to check user join and last ip in user profile
- Fixes for some previously reported bugs have been included

Aurora Coderz Basic Patch 1 - September 13, 2014
- Fixed fees in withdraw options from admin panel and members side
- Fixed ptsu approval method to include admin approval and advertisers approval

Aurora Coderz Basic - August 28, 2014
- Security fixes added
- Script updated to work on php 5.4
- Members can no longer see their own ptc ads, ptr ads, ptsu ads.
- If logged in members will not see their own banners, featured banners, feautred ads or feautred text links.
- Earn page updated so members do not see their own ads as available ads.
- Advertising sign up bonuses added.
- Made banners show in paid links.
- Fixed dates in featured links and edit featured links.
- Fixed stats page and added total account fund income to stats.
- Added default dynamic stats banner.
- Added default 3 column template (auroracoderz).
- Fixed several small errors in admin, updated the style and added usability enhancements.
- Fixed aboutus.php to display properly and linked to it in the auroracoderz template.
- Admin can now edit members gender in the member overview.
- Fixed the table in buyreferrals.php so it quit breaking templates and the title to read Purchase Referrals rather than Purchase Advertising.
- Removed refapi link from downline.php .
- Leaderboard table fixed to stop breaking templates.
- Ptp approved list problems fixed
- Captcha now shows in join page
- Login page restructured for better performance
- Users countries automatically update up on each successful login
- Emailer classes updated to work with php 5.4
- Old dead payment processors removed now 3 active payment processors are paypal , payza , skrill plus account funds
- Owners can edit or delete news from admin panel now
- Default template will load automatically if template is empty in admin area
- Alot more fixes which you can find when you check the script

4.0.8E1 August 15, 2012
- Fixed outside views bug ad campaign issue.
- Redesigned admin panel.
- Added session hits, which zeroes out every time you withdraw earnings
- Added feature to withdraw so it makes the member click the minimum required ads each time they withdraw.
- Re-added, Revamped investment tokens. Added delete_tokens file so tokens can be deleted.
- No work here, but wanted to mention tokens are purchased through specials. Its automatically updated to tokens log when a member purchases a special with token benefits.

4.0.8E July 12, 2012
- Added Downline Claim Bonus Feature so members can claim bonuses on their referrals!
- Got rid of the admin approval and confirm feature that was annoying.
- Changed alertpay to payza.
- Updated the leader board to show a second leaderboard , the top clickers leader board!

4.0.8d January 1, 2012
- Enhanced the coding for minimum clicks required in profile.php

4.0.8c December 10, 2011
- Added "confirm" to the user and user_delete tables into the installer
- repaired the "ad reports" link in admin panel
- added "Approve Members" link to admin panel

4.0.8 May 9, 2009 - July 3, 2009
- Created a Sent Messages Inbox.
- Created Investment Tokens Plugin feature
- Created Down line Swap for cash plugin feature
- Created Sent messages inbox plugin feature
- Created Ad Decline Message status for ptsu ,ptre , ptr , ptc
- Updated Admin Control area
- Ajax Admin menu for Manage members and PTSU Menu
- Fixed outside view ads
- Fixed multiple clicking bug
- Fixed PTC Banner error missing image
- Fixed the PTP Allow button
- Got rid of Evowallet as it appears to be gone now.
- Fixed the Admin control panel icons
- Changed the css layout file for admin panel
- Added pin for the withdrawl area
- Pin code to change profile info and withdrawing
- Fixed the point ads so they show up as point ads and not cash ads.
- Rent referrals repaired and fixed and combined with regular downline.
- Stats shows Total Alertpay income
- Stats shows Total Paypal income
enhanced on January 26 2011
-Enhanced site stats on side of layout
-Got rid of admin approval to allow access to members area for members.

4.0.7 April 1, 2009 - April 3, 2009
- Fixed the evowallet payment setting for secondary passphrase so it would save.
- Got rid of INTGold Payment processor on the script because it doesn't exist.
- Added in Total fees paid for payouts in member profile stats.
- Added in total fees paid from all members for payouts in admin stats.
- Leader board added (Top 15 referrers leader board).
- Enhanced Admin mailer and added optin feature to receive or disable mailers.
- Added a feature where unapproved members cannot access member features until approved by admin after joining.
- Member Join approval feature added. Can be set to automatically approve as they join.
- Member features disabled until admin approval notice can be disabled or enabled.
- Alexa plugin added.
- Created a new admin panel.
- Added last ip feature in downline section in edit user => downline area to view that member's referrals last ip.

4.0.6 March 7, 2009
- Repaired the DBStructure.xml file so oview_today column works
- Added EVOWallet payment processor into the script
- header.php repair work was done for ptp
- profile.php added in more ptp stats info

4.0.5 January 12, 2009 - January 15, 2009
-Removed minimum clicks required to cashout feature due to bug
-Added refstats column to the install file
-Enhanced the look of manage ads
-Purchasing referrals is on its own page now and off the purchase ads page.
-Added members menu tool bar at the top of the script page.
-Removed secondary homepage link in banners.php
-Ad icons, subtitles were removed from the settings in admin
-Ad icons, subtitles are now free when purchasing ad hits
-PTC Banners have been combined with PTC ads
-Link highlighting for featured links and ptc ads have been removed.
-link highlighting is now free when purchasing ad hits
-link highlighting and marquee fees removes in product settings now their free.
-Removed downline levels from profile since it bulged out and made it look wierd.
-Redid the Contact feature. Members must be logged in to contact admin.

4.0.4 - September 28, 2008 - October 31, 2008
-Added "Status" in edit_user in admin, to display what referrals were purchased/referred
-Minimum required clicks featured added. Blocks a user from requesting payout until they click minimum required ads.
-Fixed referral bug. Now credits all referrals when making purchases.
-PTR EMail Bug fixed

4.0.3 - July 8, 2008 - July 18, 2008
(Majority of the credit goes to Mark from Premier PTC for making such great new features for 4.0.3)
- Modified click_history routines for php to cross reference rather than mysql
  (should fix the lag and high loads beginning in 2.1.7)
- Downline stats now display what referrals were referred or paid for.
- Added files key.php and site_info.php to display website information to prove site is legal.
- Created Admin Ad approval feature, allows admins to approve or deny pending ads in ptr ads, ptc , and ptr emails.
- Mark paid feature was added to the pending payouts in admin panel.
- Updated profile to display the amount of days the membership upgrades last.
- Updated profile to display the contest stats.
- Added Clickers contest
- Added a purchase contest
- Updated the weekly contest to edit to become daily, weekly or monthly.
- Updated and added the External View ads feature.
- Updated the Daily breakdown stats to display unique hits per day.
- Updated the proof page (css was missing for it).
- Added Purge Ads with 0 credits feature.
- Repaired the PTR EMail bug.

4.0.1 - Repairs May 31,2008 - June 4, 2008
- Repaired the Tracker feature by removing a code in the header.php file on lines 4&5.
- Repaired the PTR Emails feature.
- Repaired the Stats.php file to make today stats work with the unique hits.
4.0.1 - May 13, 2008 (Mike's Version)
- Updated the loading image in manage ptsu
- Added Payment Proof link to the main menu in layout.php
- Added ptrads to the cron.php file to refresh daily when cron jobs run.
- Redid the Purchase page and got rid of the extra garbage.
- Added earned_today column to the DBStructure file for the user_deleted table.
- Bot detector now automatically deletes accounts when a bot ad is clicked.
- Surf all links can now be enabled/disabled from ptc settings admin panel.
- Suspended Member manager is available in member list directory in admin.
- Bot Detector Setup tutorial in admin area, link is in ptc and ptr manager

4.0.0 - May 27, 2008 ( Scott's Version ) (Released in July 8th 2008)
- Fixed PTRE bug that appeared in 2.1.7
- Fixed bug with admin "reported sites" not deleting/updating/reverting correct ads
- Fixed bug in edit member form that caused referral earnings record to be reset
- Fixed bug where PTRA ads were getting earning amounts from PTC settings
- Updated data tables in admin panel to use uniform css style (tableData)
- Updated data table in members manage ad area to use uniform css style (tableData)
- Added admin tool to process orders that did not get IPN automation
- Split admin stats into two seperate pages (daily & overall)
- Added form to change # of days shown on admin daily stats breakdown
- Added stats to PTC/PTRA link listings of how many clicks each ad has received.
- Fixed header sort links for PTRA.

2.1.8 - March 21, 2008
- Fixed admin edit user error (caused from modifying DB table structures)
- Added additional DB indexing for GPT timer sessions table

2.1.7 - March 14, 2008
- Completely reworked the (ptc,ptre,ptra,ce) view-ad sections
- Timer bars are now CSS controlled from templates/XXX/timer.css
- Members see their daily earnings in the timer bar
- Fixed site reporter
- Added "logError()" for recording possible cheater/hacker attempts

2.1.6 - March 11, 2008
- Premium members have different payout fee and request minimum on a per-payout-method basis
- Can specify a minimum fee amount (for example 1% or $0.01 - whichever is greater)
- Fixed: Purchase page, f.banner "buy now" button didn't work when regular banner disabled.
- Changed Paypal order id baggage field from "os0" to "item_number"

2.1.5 - March 4, 2008
-Changed the alertpay method for carrying order ID since the original baggage field stopped working (issue on AP's end)