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Started by AuroraCoderz, September 02, 2014, 08:11:27 AM

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- Aurora Coderz is a new PTC script, released as a new AuroraGPT brand
Our goal in launching this script is to provide owners with a secure and up to date script, while maintaining flexibility in up coming
versions as well as affordability and consistent support.

- Who owns Aurora Coderz ?

> Aurora Coderz is owned and operated by :
1- Ayman Yossef
2- Reba Flannery

- What's different between Aurora Coderz and other versions of AuroraGPT ?

> This brand aims to fix previous mistakes done in other versions. We will be focusing on security , providing continuous updates and
support, and always adding new features based on feedback provided to us from owners and resellers alike.

> This is the script releases change log links :

# AuroraCoderz Basic :

- Where can I view script demo :

> You can check demo of the basic version by clicking This Link
Username and password are admin

> We will collect feedback , Features requests from owners so we include it in the next releases of the script , You can post features you want to include here in this post , Or here :

Aurora Coderz Team