Aurora Coderz Deluxe 2.9.5 Released

Started by AuroraCoderz, March 11, 2020, 03:42:06 AM

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- We are pleased to announce the release of our new update of the script, Aurora Coderz Deluxe V 2.9.5 with following changes :

- New addon available, revenue shares addon
- Fixed problem in logs search not working correctly in admin panel
- Updated minutestaff postback ip addresses
- Multiple files updated for latest php compatibility including short tags removal
- Changes to edit user page in admin panel to categorize data better
- Fixed problem in PTP page proxy detection codes that caused some real visits to be counted as proxies by error
- Fixed security issue in load funds from account funds
- Preparation to phase out solidtrustpay since they are closing
- Added payeer integration guide
- Removed faucethub since they have closed
- Added extra ad spaces to allow admin to add text or third party ads to included pages
- Added built in limit for allowed PTSU denials before user is blocked automatically
- Added addon menu to admin panel so additions are not overwritten when upgrading
- Added ability to house and select grid background images, included a few sets of images
- Added ability to house and select css files for surf rewards and cheat checks
- Added several new click image sets
- Added option to clean the clicks to the bot link
- Added social media settings for displaying admin's social links for Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, Reddit and YouTube
- Updated guess game to include high number requirement as well as background and text colors
- Added method to add custom links in bannerz.php
- Added limit option to ref builder splash for programs showing
- Added admin notes to the member profile
- Added ad duplicator in manage ads / functions in admin panel
- Added ability to delete referral domain individually without clearing all
- Added contest standings to admin - shows contest stats and allows admin to reset any built in contest
- Added country flags for reported missing countries
- Adjusted surf bar css to keep Cheat Check text from overlapping

Download links will be available in downloads section in your auroracoderz accounts, If can't update your site please send us a support ticket to help you

Aurora Coderz Team