Paid Per Post Settings

Started by Reba, January 29, 2020, 03:55:21 AM

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Your built in forum must be activated in order for paid per post settings to do anything at all. To enable the site forum go to Site Functions in the side menu, then site functions. In the General tab you will see the Script Forum option.

Now go to Members > Member Settings in the side menu and you will see this panel towards the bottom:

Tick to enable forum pay per post option - clicking the box will enable this feature which will pay members to post in the script forum.
Pay for - we suggest you pay only for new posts or you may find you end up with many spammy replies and few legit posts as yes, 85% or more are lazy and just there to earn as fast as possible and move to the next earning site for the day.
Max paid posts daily - This does not limit how many posts a member may post daily but only how many posts a member may be paid for daily.
Free members pay per post amount - this setting defines how much a free member is paid per post.
Premium members pay per post amount - this settings defines a blanket amount for all upgrades to be paid per post.