Aurora Coderz Basic Reseller Rights Are Now Available

Started by AuroraCoderz, September 03, 2014, 08:16:58 PM

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- We have now 6 available spots for new Aurora Coderz Basic script reseller rights

- What will resellers get ?

1- Ability to sell AC Basic script , Premade sites with it

2- 40 keys so they will be able to sell 40 sites of the script before they need to purchase keys again , Keys will be assigned to your account in our keygen portal (link to AuroraCoderz private keygen provided upon purchase)

3- 1 Month FREE Reseller hosting with 20 GB Disk Space and 400 GB monthly bandwidth ( Renewed at 15$ Per month after that if you will continue on our servers )

4- Complete support from us , Plus fixes for any problems you or any of your buyers have with the script

5- Affiliate rights on items provided by aurora coderz including , hosting , addons , designs , etc .. ( 25% of sales referred by you )

- What do we request from resellers ?

1- Report any issues or problems to us so we can fix it
2- Basic version can't be sold lower than 10$ in anyway or given away for free
3- Have a store ready to sell scripts through it

- Things you should know :

1- You will be allowed to sell the script as it is , You can't copy or modify it in anyway or sell it as your own script , any attempt to do that will provoke your license and legal actions will be taken against you

2- You will be able to upgrade your reseller option to our next releases for a fee which we will announce when our next version of script is out

3- Keys on AC basic WILL NOT work on any other auroragpt based script and neither will keys from this script work on aurora basic

4- We will guide on install process , upgrades , etc but you need to have basic info about hosting and script

5- We put no limitations on the products you may sell in your store, including other PTC scripts

Full AuroraCoderz Basic reseller agreement can be checked here :

> Price for reseller rights = 150$ [ + Payment processor fees ]

> This will be available for 6 spots only , Once closed no more spots will be available until the next script release is available, current resellers will have option to upgrade to the newest versions for a discounted rate we decide

> You will be asked to register account in our portal here : and our forum here : so we can keep contact with you

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