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Started by Reba, April 07, 2020, 10:03:30 PM

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In AC Games > Guess Game you will find the above page.

Tick to enable the guessing game - the game will not show to members if you have not enabled it.
Game Name - Customize your game name, when left blank the game name will show as "The Guessing Game" by default.
Link Text - This is the text shown in the member menu leading them to the game, if left blank the default text will read "Guess Game".
Base prize amount - The amount each jackpot will begin at. Changing this number will not affect the current jackpot prize, it will only apply to new games. You cannot change the current game's jackpot prize base amount.
Percent of members play to add to jackpot - The percent as a whole number of each play to be added to the jackpot total amount. So if you charge $0.01 per play and set this to 10 the jackpot will grow by $0.001 per play. To disable set to 0.
Prize type - This defines where the jackpot will credit the winning user, either to their account funds or to their purchase balance.
High number - Define the highest number allowed, players will then be allowed to choose between 1 and the number set here. Must be filled in.
Cost to play - This defines the amount per play, players are allowed to use either their purchase balance or their account funds to play.
Guess game background color - The background color of the guess game panels. Most typically this should be set to #FFFFFF with the default images but can be useful when using custom images.
Guess game font color - Font color used in the guess game panels. Usually this should be set to #000000 (black) but can be changed as needed.

First image, losing image and winning image settings can be used for custom images. Click the blue setting title to see a preview of the default images. If you decided to use custom images place the URL for each in the fields provided for these settings.

In the box to the right of the settings box you will find play data which pretty much explains itself.


Under play data in the guess game page you will see a button that takes you to Jackpot Records. The jackpot records page lists historical game play data.

The table explained:
ID - which game number this is.
Start - the date on which the game began.
Jackpot - the current or final amount of the total jackpot.
Added - the total amount added to the jackpot by member plays.
Cash - account fund total played by members.
PB Cash - purchase balance total played by members.
Plays - total number of plays for that specific game.
Completed - the date the specific game ended (someone won).
Winner - the user that won the jackpot for that round.


Under play data in the guess game page you will see a button that takes you to Member Play Data. This page provides an overview of lifetime play data for every member that has played the guess game on your site.

The table explained:
Username - the member that has played.
Spent - the total this member has spent including both account funds and purchase balance funds.
Plays - the total number of plays for this member.
Plays today - the total number of plays today.
Cash won - total account funds won on the guessing game.
PB Won - total purchase balance funds won on the guessing game.
Earned Today - how much this member has earned today overall and is included just because.
Profit - this members total profit from the guess game. A - before the number means the member is not in profit and has lost the amount shown.