AuroraCoderz Basic Agreement

Started by AuroraCoderz, September 03, 2014, 09:05:59 PM

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Responsibility of Aurora Coderz Basic Reseller (full name) -

- You may not sell the script in any form (installation or website) for any less than $10.00.

- You must own and maintain a store AuroraCoderz can link to from their reseller page.

- You must maintain an official email AuroraCoderz can link to from their reseller page.

- You must remove the install folder from all installations.

- Resellers must notify AuroraCoderz of any / all secondary stores or affiliate stores.

- Your initial reseller fee comes with 40 keys.

- You must sign up for and maintain an active email address at the support forum (

- You cannot rebrand the script or create your own brand from AuroraCoderz script. You cannot create or sell reseller privileges. You are licensed only to sell Aurora Coderz Basic.

- You are not employed by AuroraCoderz nor does AuroraCoderz accept any legal responsibility for you, we have granted you the right to sell our product only.

- The script cannot be given away in any promotions or made to be valued at any less than $10.00. An example of making the scripts value under $10 would be offering a discount for multiple purchases or a two for one type of deal.

Failure to comply with the resellers agreement will result in your resell rights being revoked and your keygen access limited. AuroraCoderz retains the right to restrict your keygen access as AuroraCoderz deems appropriate while investigating any claims of improper reseller actions.

Responsibility of AuroraCoderz -

- Keygen will remain online and accessible to the reseller with any downtime to be posted in the support forum.

- Key packages will be available at the location of the keygen should the reseller need more.

- This agreement will be posted in the support forum maintained by AuroraCoderz.

- AurorCoderz is fully licensed to operate by Illusive-Web Service.